Ep #201: Merging and Then Buying a Practice - The Career of Quinn Arnold

April 24, 2019

Ep 201 - Quinn Arnold

From corporate finance to financial planning with almost no experience as a planner, Quinn Arnold went from not being able to find a financial planner for himself to fostering a relationship that pushed him into the field and ultimately led to him owning a firm. In this episode, he discusses the ups and downs of his journey and shares the major lessons he learned along the way.

Many XYPN members have wondered about what it’s like to buy out a practice and the important details that go along with that, and today you'll hear answers to a lot of those questions. Listen in to learn what you need to know about buy-outs, from structuring to execution. Quinn's unique story of how he got started is bound to be inspirational and informational for aspiring planners or business owners.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Quinn's firm and how it’s doing so far.
  • How he was motivated to leave corporate finance behind for a career in financial planning.
  • What it was like changing careers and transitioning into financial planning.
  • The importance of asking questions, asking for help, and getting guidance from people who’ve been there before.
  • Why Quinn started his own firm before working with his mentors.
  • What made him want to buy a practice.
  • How to structure a buy-out.
  • How Quinn communicated the change in ownership to clients.
  • How he runs the business with the previous owners still working there.
  • Why he decided to hire more people and how he went about that.
  • Goals for the future of the firm.
  • The best advice Quinn would give his younger self.

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