Ep #103: From Zero to 38 Clients in 12 Months - How Shawn Tydlaska is Growing His New RIA

June 07, 2017


It's no secret the first year of running your own RIA is no walk in the park. But this week's guest and XYPN member Shawn Tydlaska has had some unique and impressive success in his first year as an independent advisor.

Shawn talks about how his long and winding path through the financial services industry led him to practicing true financial planning. He walks through the obstacles he's overcome and many false starts he experienced before establishing his firm. 

We also discuss how Shawn went from zero clients to 38 - with 26 on retainer - in just a year of practicing. He shares some of the techniques he's used to find clients, how he's used niching to some extent in his work, and how he determines fees for each client.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The many internships Shawn had before coming to financial planning. 
  • How he went from wanting to start a fintech company to starting his own advisory firm.
  • The succession plan situation Shawn experienced at his final job.
  • How he hustled to gain clients and launch as soon as he was ready.
  • What Shawn did to boost his conversion rate when he was disappointed with how few clients were staying on board. 
  • Unique ways he's found and retained clients from XYPN, Yelp, and his informal network.

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