Ep #52: How In-Person Networking Can Land 27 Clients in 12 Months

June 15, 2016


At XY Planning Network, we have a lot of resources that help financial advisors start and run virtual firms (like our free ebook, The Virtual Advisor). Forgoing the traditional, physical office space not only reduces a lot of overhead, but it also provides you with more flexibility and freedom if you can meet with clients anywhere, anytime.

And we also talk about marketing yourself online to go along with maintaining a virtual presence. While we firmly believe in inbound marketing and using tools like social media to grow your network, there's still room for strategies like in-person networking, too -- even for virtual or online businesses.

Today, Chris Girbes-Pierce joins us to share the details of his career path -- and how he used in-person networking to grow his startup firm from 0 to 27 clients in just 12 months.

Chris is a CFP and the founder of Enlightened Wealth Management. He started his career in sales before taking a job with BAM Advisor Services, a large fee-only RIA. From there, Chris became the COO for a start-up RIA where he learned, hands-on, what it takes to build a successful practice.

Chris joins us today to detail the marketing strategies he used to drive early growth and success in his business.

If you're considering making the leap to starting your own firm but you are uncertain of how to balance digital marketing with more familiar strategies, tune in: Chris has some incredibly valuable in-person networking tips that you can start using today to go from struggling to bring in clients to having the clients come to you.

XY Planning Network - Chris Girbes-Pierce

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Chris’s path to firm ownership.
  • Why Chris chose to go into financial planning.
  • How Chris stumbled upon BAM and became a part of their team.
  • Why Chris decided to leave BAM.
  • The perks of working with a virtual team.
  • Why it took so long for Chris to get his firm up and running.
  • How Chris was able to grow his firm to 27 clients in just 12 months.
  • The two reasons that Chris has been hired by his clients.
  • How Chris created his fee schedule.

Featured on the Show:

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