Ep #19: The Career of Katie Brewer - Using Speaking Gigs to Get Prospective Clients (and Income!)

November 04, 2015


This week, I'm excited to feature Katie Brewer. Katie is one of the founding members of the XY Planning Network and the founder of Your Richest Life, a financial planning firm based in Dallas.

Katie’s career path may sound familiar. Like many of us, she struggled to find a place within someone else's business where she could help the clients she wanted in a way that best served their unique needs. She finally found her calling to start her own financial firm and has been killing it ever since.

Katie and I spent a lot of time going through the process that ultimately led her to start her firm. We focused in on the various steps she had to take and how the career changes she made helped her create her firm.

Katie has some pretty unique methods for getting clients, which include speaking to consumer facing groups. If you're a speaker interested in using your speaking gigs to drive leads and prospective clients to your firm, you'll want to listen up!

Katie’s story will resonate with a lot of people. Her message is great inspiration for people who are taking a different path or are not sure what their next step is.


 Listen to the Full Interview:


What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Katie discovered financial planning.
  • Why Katie went from pre-med to financial planning.
  • A walk through Katie’s resume.
  • Why Katie decided to start her financial planning firm.
  • Why you need to stop trying to fit yourself into anyone’s mold and create your own.
  • The two essential parts to a successful virtual office.
  • Three unique ways that Katie is getting clients.
  • How to find speaking opportunities.

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