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Hello! We’re XYPN…

Founded in 2014, XY Planning Network (XYPN) makes it possible for fee-for-service financial advisors to run the independent firm of their dreams with complete autonomy.

XYPN is made up of a growing network of more than 1,800 independent, fee-for-service firms that are changing the face of the financial planning industry. XYPN supports its members through ongoing advocacy, à la carte access to customized education, training and resources, curated technology, and hands-on compliance support. In addition, there is a vibrant member community and all the operational and client support services needed for an RIA to succeed profitably.  

…and We’re Changing Financial Planning for the Better

XYPN founders, Michael Kitces and Alan Moore, saw a need to do financial planning differently. Together, they developed XYPN to make financial planning more accessible by creating a turnkey advice and planning platform that supports and empowers financial advisors to serve whomever they want, however they want. 


Our Mission: Help People Live Their Great Lives

Our mission is to provide a business-ready solution for solo, boutique and enterprise firm owners to create their dream business and service next-gen clients. Hundreds of financial advisors have already joined the movement to build thriving firms of their very own, the XYPN way.

Everyone Deserves Trusted Financial Advice

Supporting and advocating for the fiduciary standard is part of the XYPN mission. That's why XYPN fights for the fiduciary standard of excellence and the establishment of regulation in the consumer’s best interest. Spearheaded by XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces, XYPN filed suit against the SEC to challenge Regulation Best Interest for holding broker-dealers to a less stringent standard of care when delivering financial advice.

Discover the Missing Element for So Many Financial Advisors

For many financial advisors, one of the greatest challenges is finding “their people.” XYPN offers member advisors what’s often a missing-but-crucial piece of the puzzle for financial professionals — a community.

Why XYPN Should Make Your Next Event’s VIP Guestlist

The financial planning industry is changing, and XYPN is the leading voice on how to navigate and be successful in this ever-evolving landscape. We’ve built an end-to-end training and resource program that provides a clear path to success—no matter where members are in their firm journey. By streamlining the start-up process, we ensure members have the best possible chance of long-term success by helping them implement their business plans and begin to grow their practice. We offer the tools and support financial advisors need to run their businesses, such as our awesome tech stack with preferred vendors and member-only discounts. And when it’s time to grow, our business coaches are available and ready to help members create a plan to meet their goals. Not to mention, our community of other financial advisors is there to support and cheer for each other every step of the way.


XYPN Membership by the Numbers

One of the best parts of being an XYPN member (besides our community)? The numbers! At XYPN, we are committed to championing a culture where every member can come as they are and get exactly what they need to succeed profitably.

  • 1,800+ members (and growing every day)
  • 13% multi-advisor
  • <1% Average Churn Rate
  • 10% unregistered
  • 16 Founding Members
  • 41 Average Age
  • 22% Women
  • 69% CFPs
  • 15% BIPOC
  • >1.3M Podcast downloads
  • 21,000 Advisor Newsletter reach


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Meet Your Next Speaker

Our team of experts is ready to headline your next event. We are approachable, engaging, and passionate about what we do. Each member is excited to share their expertise, discuss successes and lessons learned along the way, and provide insights and tactics from their path to success. We are bringing proven advice to the next generation of financial planners and helping them live their great lives. 

Alan Moore, MS, CFP®

XYPN CEO & Co-Founder


“I’ve been accused of a lot of things since starting XYPN. ‘Being dull’ isn’t one of them.”

Alan’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2012. Fired from a big firm, he decided to venture out independently. While building his own practice, he saw a need for change in the industry and took it upon himself to disrupt the financial planning landscape—for the better. With peers unable to serve clients how they wanted (because, big firm), and other friends wanting those services but unable to qualify without assets to manage (because again, big firm), the solution was forged: offer fee-for-service financial advice that is affordable and profitable.  Driven by a passion to share his industry-disrupting success, Alan put his business-building smarts and experience into launching XY Planning Network (XYPN) with co-founder Michael Kitces.

Today, XYPN is the leading financial planning platform dedicated to helping fee-for-service advisors launch, manage, and grow their own financial planning firms with complete autonomy. So far, over 1,800 members have enjoyed his recipe for successful independence. When he’s not starting companies or hosting XYPN Radio, one of the largest podcasts for independent financial advisors, Alan lives openly as a self-proclaimed CrossFit junkie and dedicated snowboarder, a skill he is already passing along to his three young children. 

Alan has been recognized by:

  • Investment News as a top “40 Under 40″ in financial planning
  • Wealth Management as one of “The 10 to Watch in 2015″ 
  • The first recipient of the NAPFA Young Professional Award in 2015 
  • Inc. 5000 has named XYPN one of the fastest-growing companies in America for the last 5 years. 

Alan frequently speaks on technology, marketing, and business coaching. He has been quoted in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times. 

Fun fact: Alan also started AdvicePay, the first and only compliant payment processor for financial advisors.


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Arlene Moss

XYPN Executive Business Coach


"Ride your own ride. This is your journey, your business."

XYPN Executive Business Coach, Arlene Moss, helps fee-for-service financial planners get out of their own way in order to grow their practices. Her speaking engagements are filled with humor, wisdom, honesty, and tough love—exactly what you’d expect from someone who genuinely cares about those she serves.

With over two decades of industry expertise, a knack for making meaningful connections, and a deftness for breaking emotional and mental barriers, attendees leave her sessions enlightened, inspired, and excited to put their pages of notes into action.

Making audiences laugh while they learn is one part of her secret sauce.  Another is her ability to be real with her audience in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, and at ease.  Her practical tips and tools feel grounded in proven success and tailor-fit to their needs.  We double-dog dare anyone not to love and appreciate Arlene after spending minutes—or if you’re lucky, an hour—with her.

Arlene has spoken at NAPFA, Schwab, Jolt!, XYPN LIVE, ACP, CalCPA, and FPA Houston and held a 2-day seminar for Texas Tech.  She’s appeared on Kitces Office Hours, FiComm New Skool, and Carson Group Framework podcasts, and contributed to NAPFA Magazine.  When she isn’t mentoring others, she enjoys traveling and riding bikes—either tandem with her husband or on the e-bike she fondly calls Viola.


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Travis Johnson, IACCP®

Managing Director of XYPN Compliance


“A sustainable compliance program is as much about efficiency as it is about effectiveness.”

Travis has been with XYPN for seven years and currently serves as the Managing Director of XY Compliance Solutions. He leads a team of committed compliance professionals to help both new and established fee-only financial planners run a successful and compliant RIA. Travis leverages his experience over the past decade to support the development and delivery of the organization’s RIA compliance education, consulting offerings, and other compliance resources available to its members. 

Prior to joining XYPN, Travis established his operations and compliance knowledge, working as an investment and operations manager. He provided support and insights in the areas of RIA compliance, portfolio management and investment research. He also learned the art of client onboarding and account service, honing his ability to take complex terms and regulations and make them easy to understand for any audience.

His passion for compliance programs extends beyond XYPN. Travis is known for his advocacy work, joining forces with Michael Kitces to meet with state regulatory boards.


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Maddy Roche

XYPN Executive Business Coach


XYPN Maddy Roche Headshot

“Life is best lived in alignment. I’ve seen that when people are called to this profession, they not only find more alignment, but they promote it in others.”

As XYPN’s first employee and XYPN Radio’s co-host, Maddy Roche has seen, heard, and helped thousands of financial planners during every phase of their entrepreneurial journeys.  For almost 10 years, XYPN members have looked to Maddy to buoy them with her unparalleled energy, expertise, and compassion.  In doing so, she has become one of the most sought-after resources for members seeking motivation and mentorship to meet the demands of entrepreneurship.  

In her previous role as XYPN’s VP of Getting Shi!t Done, she helped build and lead the departments that deepen XYPN’s membership value.  Today she brings that expertise directly to those seeking help to launch and grow their RIAs as an Executive Business Coach.  Maddy also employs her experience history as a public speaking coach to help advisors develop the confidence they need, find their authentic voice, and align their unique qualities with strategies that will drive success.

As the emcee of the annual XYPN LIVE National Conference, she is responsible for bringing the energy of XYPN’s movement to life.  No one commands or sets the stage the way Maddy does—just ask the hundreds of attendees who’ve named her as a fan favorite.


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Sam McCue

XYPN Director of Sales & Marketing Operations



“If your SEO happens in a vacuum, it sucks.”

Great marketing and Great SEO are the same thing, to Sam McCue. You can’t have one without the other. Sam has been with XYPN since 2021 making sure the bones of the marketing strategy can stand the test of time. 

Prior to joining XYPN, Sam has championed marketing strategy at startups, global companies, and everything in between; including Oracle, Cisco, SmartBug Media and more. This exposure has given him a good perspective on the “need to haves” and the “nice to haves” in marketing. 


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