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Your dream firm is an affordable monthly fee away. Access your complete toolkit with our Standard Membership. Scale to suit your growing business needs with Books, Compliance, Invest, and Ops solutions all priced to provide the best ROI for fee-for-service advisors.

Additional advisors at the same firm can sign up for an Add-On Membership for an exclusive discount. 

Standard Membership
Compliance support
Full tech stack included
Exclusive webinars, workshops, and CE courses
Community access
Discounted ticket to XYPN LIVE
NAPFA Membership
E&O Insurance Discount
Growth accelerators
Exclusive discounts on tech, client support, firm solutions, and outside workshops
“I've been an XYPN member for years and I love it! XYPN provides almost every resource I need, along with a membership discount, and they're always adding more benefits. XYPN is the biggest reason I have loved launching my firm and creating the life I always dreamed of!”
Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®
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XYPN Books Pricing

Bookkeeping done right.  Never sweat an audit with a partner solely focused on keeping your books clean and compliant.

Tier 1

Up to $110K gross revenue and up to 5 accounts reconciled


Tier 2

Up to $250K gross revenue and up to 8 accounts reconciled


Tier 3

Up to $450K gross revenue and up to 10 accounts reconciled


Tier 4

Up to $800K gross revenue and up to 12 accounts reconciled


Tier 5

Up to $1.5M gross revenue and up to 15 accounts reconciled


Tier 6

$1.5M+ gross revenue or more than 15 accounts reconciled

Custom Quote*

*Plus one-time onboarding fee for new clients. Must meet revenue and bank-type account criteria to qualify.

XYPN Compliance Pricing

Compliance, simplified. Imagine regulator-proofing your RIA with a partner who always has your back.

RIA Registraton

You lead the way, while we support you at critical points in your firm registration process.


Enhanced RIA Registration

Our compliance experts lead the way, providing key document development and continuous support throughout your firm registration process.


Complete First Year Compliance

We’ll provide you with comprehensive RIA registration service, foundational compliance program development, and ongoing implementation support during your first year of launch.


A La Carte Compliance Support

Tap our expert RIA compliance team to help with particular services, from ADV amendments and additional state registrations to U5 filing and transitioning from SEC to state registration. 

Pricing based on support needed

Hourly Compliance Consulting

Get 1:1 support from RIA compliance experts on anything from regulatory exam and audit support to reviewing advertising and marketing materials. Our proactive compliance consulting is tailored to your firm's needs to help you find confidence in your compliance program. 

$360/HR or $475–$2,000/MO

XYPN Invest Pricing

Your trusted TAMP partner. Enjoy offering turnkey asset management that manages itself.  

Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) Pricing

$0 - $5M AUM


$5M - $25M AUM


$25M+ AUM


Fees are based on the advisor's AUM, using a cliff fee schedule. Once a breakpoint is reached, all assets will be billed at that same breakpoint base fee.

Orion Essentials Pricing  


Orion Essentials


Includes up to 110 Accounts
Billed Quarterly

Pricing per additional account

111–200 Accounts: $44/Account 
201–700 Accounts: $42/Account 
701–5,000 Accounts: $40/Account 
5,000–10,000 Accounts: $35/Account 

Platform add-ons and additional Orion services available. Learn more about investment management services →  

XYPN Ops Pricing

Your problem-solving operations partner with 360° solutions for your business—that fit your business. 

Kick Start

Up to 15 hours per month

$1,500 per month

Core Solutions

Up to 10 hours per week

$3,033 per month

Advanced Solutions

Up to 15 hours per week

$4,225 per month

All-In Solutions

Up to 20 hours per week

$5,200 per month

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