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XYPN Invest

Turn-key Asset Management For Every Client

Asset management that manages itself

Scaling your firm is now easier than ever

At XYPN Invest, we understand the challenges that come with running a growing RIA. That's why our main goal is to help you scale your growing business without the pressure to hire a team or work longer hours. We aim to save you time so you can focus on what you love about financial planning and helping clients reach their ideal life.

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Our Investment Partners

Streamlined asset management

Simplified back office

Market education

Business resources

Solutions that fit your firm

We built our platform with the next-gen firm in mind, anticipating the needs and challenges faced by forward-thinking RIAs.

Investment Management Services


  • Professional fund management through East Bay Financial Services
  • Access to DFA funds for your clients' portfolios*
  • Investment models including DFA, Tax Efficient, Socially Responsible/Impact, and Low Cost Models
  • Automatic rebalancing within managed portfolios
  • Tax minimization strategies

Back Office

  • No minimum AUM
  • No minimum for your clients to open an account
  • Billing will be handled through XYPN Invest, no need to outsource to another platform
  • Invoicing
  • Performance reporting capabilities
  • Branded client portal

Resources & Training

  • Advisor resources and webinars for building, managing and growing your firm
  • Compliant, client-facing content and videos with timely and relevant information

Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) Pricing

$0 - $5M AUM


$5M - $25M AUM


$25M+ AUM


Fees are based on the advisor's AUM, using a cliff fee schedule. Once a breakpoint is reached, all assets will be billed at that same breakpoint base fee.


Our commitment to independence

XYPN Invest offers former-member pricing for any members who leave Invest but want to continue to use Invest for (and avoid otherwise disrupting) their clients. We understand that switching costs for technology and service providers can be a barrier to growth and making a good decision for your business, and want you to have peace of mind that you’ll be able to continue using XYPN Invest if your plans change. You can now take XYPN Invest with you wherever you go, even if that means discontinuing your XYPN relationship, as part of our commitment to independence.

What's Included

Orion A La Carte Pricing  


Orion Essentials


Includes up to 110 Accounts
Billed Quarterly

Pricing per additional account annual

111–200 Accounts: $44/Account 
201–700 Accounts: $42/Account 
701–5,000 Accounts: $40/Account 
5,000–10,000 Accounts: $35/Account 

111 - 200 Accounts


201 - 700 Accounts


701 - 5,000 Accounts


5,001 - 10,000 Accounts


Platform add-ons


Household-level modeling, rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting.

$1,500 SETUP




Direct indexing.

$1,000/YEAR MIN



whichever is higher




Other Orion Services

Finally. A TAMP Partner that cares as much about your clients as you do.

XYPN Invest Disclaimer
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