Ep #41: Convert Financial Planning Leads to Clients with Nancy Bleeke

March 30, 2016

XY-Planning-Podcast-finalThe word "sales" can make most financial advisors cringe away -- especially if you're a fee-only planner who constantly fights the perception that your job revolves around product sales!

But you do sell: you sell your services and advice. And if you're like many other advisors, your biggest struggle is in converting financial planning leads into planning clients.

Today, Nancy Bleeke explains why even if you don't sell financial products in your business, you still need to master this craft and understand that sales isn't a dirty word.

Nancy is a sales enabling coach and the founder of Genuine Sales. I worked through Nancy’s course twice, and her help has been instrumental in my success with sales.

If you are one of those advisors who struggles to convert leads into clients, you can learn how to develop an effective sales process for your firm through Nancy's insights. She explains the incredibly powerful processes she develops and shares with advisors around the world.

Get access to the great resource that is Nancy's knowledge and experience, and start improving how you turn financial planning leads into clients today!


Listen to the Full Interview:

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Nancy, a one-time reluctant salesperson, became a sales enabler and coach.
  • Nancy’s true definition of selling.
  • Debunking of the sales myth.
  • Why you need to have a strict sales process.
  • Nancy's effective “What’s in it for them” sales process.
  • How to use Nancy's easy-to-remember acronyms in your business.
  • The difference between the process of writing an English paper and Nancy's sales process.

Featured on the Show:

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