Ep #36: Serve NextGen Clients Inside Your Existing Firm

February 24, 2016


We're thrilled to bring you a very special guest this week: Matt Cosgriff, the quintessential intrapreneur. Most people are familiar with the term entrepreneur. An intrapreneur is the term we use to describe the incredibly powerful model of being able to start a business venture -- but inside of an existing firm.

Curious? Be sure to tune in and learn more about Matt's fascinating story!

When Matt began, he wanted to start a firm and work with younger clients. But ultimately, he decided he wasn’t ready to make that big of a step. Instead, he was able to find a firm that was looking to serve NextGen clients with a focused service model inside of their existing firm.

Matt’s experience is a great example of the firm-within-a-firm concept that Kitces and I have alluded to in the past episodes.

If you're interested in building out a service model that addresses the needs of Gen X and Gen Y clients inside of your existing firm -- but are unsure of where to start -- then you need to listen in. This interview is full of actionable advice (and one piece of advice I am especially excited to share!)

Listen in below!


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Matt got his start in financial planning.
  • How he made his decision that changed his career.
  • How he was able to find a firm that would let him create a service model that serves the next generation of clients.
  • The three primary parts of Matt’s pitch to his company.
  • The three different service models that Matt’s company offers.
  • The two things that Matt would change if he had to do it over again.

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