Ep #183: Comprehensive Financial Planning to Include Tax Planning - The Career of Dave Zaegel

December 19, 2018

Ep 183 Dave Zaegel

Today’s episode is great for all financial planners, but especially those wanting to incorporate more in-depth tax planning—and even tax preparation—into their service model. XYPN member Dave Zaegel is here to share his journey from public accounting to financial planning to starting not one, but two firms of his own. Now a partner at both an accounting firm called CPAs for Hire and a financial planning firm called CWOs for Hire, Dave provides comprehensive financial planning services, including tax work, for his clients.

In this episode, Dave discusses how his two businesses are structured and how they work together within his service model. He also talks in depth about the way his financial planning process works, why he decided to focus on a niche of small business owners, and his plans for the future as both of his businesses continue to grow.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Dave’s career path and what led him to launching a financial planning firm.
  • His entry point into financial planning.
  • What made him decide to launch his own RIA.
  • Why he started two firms at the same time—and why he kept them separate.
  • His fee structure and service model.
  • How he splits his time between the two businesses.
  • What percentage of his clients are business owners.
  • Where he’s having the best luck finding new clients.
  • What Dave learned from his transition from accountant to financial planner.
  • The challenges he faced during his first few years in business.
  • How his client base and revenue have progressed.
  • His technique for communicating value.
  • Technology platforms he uses.
  • The benefits of having the CFP and CPA designations.
  • Dave’s goals for the next 18 months.
  • Advice he would go back and give his younger self.

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