Ep #175: Financial Planning for Genentech Employees - The Career of David Barson

October 24, 2018

EP 175 David Barson

My guest today is a great example of how powerful it can be to nail down a niche. David Barson is the founder of Barson Financial Planning, and nearly two years after starting his firm, he has really started focusing on his ideal client profile: Genentech employees. Having started his own career in biotech and worked at the company himself, David is able to connect with current employees in ways most other advisors can’t, making his client relationships that much stronger.

In this episode, David shares his experience transitioning into the financial planning world and ultimately making the leap to starting his own firm. Listen in to hear how he built his firm from the ground up, as well as key advice for other advisors hoping to do the same.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • David’s career path to where he is today.
  • Why his transition into financial planning was more difficult than he was anticipating.
  • An overview of Barson Financial Planning.
  • The firm’s unique niche.
  • How David’s experience working at Genentech helps him connect with his clients.
  • His service model.
  • How his fee structure has evolved.
  • Where his current clients came from.
  • How David balanced doing financial plans for different types of clients before he found his niche.
  • His current marketing strategy.
  • Why it’s so important to frame how the advisor relationship will work upfront.
  • The revenue and expense numbers from David's first two years in business.
  • A key thing anyone thinking of starting a firm should keep in mind.
  • David's plans for his firm's future.
  • Advice he would go back and give his younger self.

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