Ep #176: Serving Homeschool Families As a Homeschool Parent - The Career of Wakefield Hare

October 31, 2018

EP 176 Wakefield Hare

Todays' guest decided to start his own firm just six months after buying into a partnership to become the succession plan for a retirement-age advisor. Now the founder of Greater Than Financial, Wakefield Hare began his journey to starting his own firm after he learned about XYPN in 2015 and realized that he wanted to serve clients his way.

Three years later, Wakefield runs a successful practice serving just over 100 client households, and he has started to focus more on his niche of working with homeschool families. But now that he has achieved all that he initially set out to achieve, he admits that contentment has kept him from actively pursuing more opportunities. Listen in to hear our discussion about what made him decide to take the leap and start his own firm, how he built it to the success it is today, and what drives you in your entrepreneurial journey when you realize you have enough.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Wakefield’s firm.
  • His ideal target market.
  • What made him decide to start his own firm just months after buying into another partnership.
  • How he handled telling clients that he was starting his own firm.
  • His current fee schedule.
  • The unique way he does follow-ups.
  • How he integrates his Christian faith into his planning process.
  • Wakefield’s advice for young advisors starting out.
  • What drives him now that he’s achieved success.
  • His plans for the future.
  • What he’d go back and tell his younger self.

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