Ep #15: Financial Planning for Young Clients - How Most Advisors Get It Wrong

October 14, 2015


We're getting a little ranty on #XYPNRadio this week, but for good reason. We're covering financial planning for young clients: why it matters and how to do it.

A recent article in Financial Advisor magazine sparked a strong reaction from both Michael Kitces and myself. In fact, we felt so strongly that we had to write back a response.

The article stated that Gen Y and Gen X don’t need financial advice, and Michael and I just couldn’t help ourselves.

Today, we decided to come together to talk about the article as well as the rebuttal article that we wrote in response. Listen in as we share our views on why financial planning is important to the next generation of clients.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The questions we typically get about planning for young clients.
  • The biggest issues we have with the thought that young clients don’t need financial advisors.
  • Why millennials do need financial planning.
  • Why the AUM model is not the only means to getting paid.
  • Why even financial planners need financial planning help.
  • How your service model should look if you are looking to work with millennials.

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