Ep #170: Impact Financial Planning for Progressives - The Career of Zach Teutsch

September 19, 2018

EP 170 Zach TeutschMost people are very careful to keep politics out of their business so as not to offend or alienate potential clients. Zach Teutsch has found that his unapologetic political stance has actually helped his business. He discusses why he thinks his practice has grown due to his political views and why he decided to choose the controversial niche that he did.

Zach gets into the trust issues people have when it comes to financial services and how being straight forward about politics can actually help build trust. He shares how he has grown his business and defines who he prefers to work with and Zach discusses how his firm is committed to progressive values and charity and how they integrate those values into the business.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Defining progressives and why Zach prefers to work with this niche.
  • How his career kicked off in labor and why he started his own firm.
  • How he built a toolkit for helping clients with financial difficulties.
  • How financial coaching helped him learn how to listen to people.
  • How he figured out systems to serve a wider range of financial classes.
  • The importance of having a mission that resonates with your clients.
  • Why he campaigned to raise taxes.
  • His multi-step outreach plan and why he didn’t really need it to find enough clients.
  • The trust issues in financial services and why sharing his politics helps gain trust.
  • What areas his firm helps clients with and why they are expanding their services.
  • How his process is different from other planning firms.
  • How consumption doesn’t always apply to investing.
  • How he builds portfolios based on politics and issues involved in this.
  • How he advises people to involve donating in their investments.
  • What guard rails are and how he prioritizes self-care while being an entrepreneur.
  • His best advice about launching a firm that he learned over the past year.

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