Ep #102: Content Marketing in the Digital Age - An Interview with Ric McConkey of FMeX

June 01, 2017

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You've undoubtedly heard about FMeX if you're a regular listener and lover of finding innovative ways to connect with your clients. We're lucky to have Ric McConkey, Managing Partner at FMeX, with us today to talk about how his service helps advisors provide clients with valuable, relevant content and improve your marketing.

Ric shares his career trajectory and what it was like to push back against the initial resistance to widespread adoption of technological tools in the financial planning industry. He shares the steps along the way that gave rise to FMeX, and how it's making it easier for advisors to land new clients and maintain relationships with current ones.

We also talk about the movement toward audio content and why it's a better fit for a busy lifestyle common to both advisors and clients today. Ric also shares his perspective on the cloud, social, mobile trifecta that guides the development of FMeX. 

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Ric has grown from a college English major to developer of digital marketing content for advisors and their clients. 
  • Why many in the industry were initially resistant to tech's influence, and why some good old-fashioned non-digital marketing is still a good idea.
  • The connections between past business experiences that inspired FMeX's founding. 
  • Why FMeX is seizing the current audio Renaissance to reach more clients.
  • Tools you can use to analyze your website visitors and increase the odds of converting them into clients.
  • Ric's tips on how to manage and improve the members of small teams.

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