Ep #83: The Future of Investment Management - An Interview with Rick Frisbie

January 18, 2017


For the past few episodes, we've focused on real business growth in the financial planning space. This week, Rick Frisbie - the newly minted CEO of Robust Wealth - will share how this advisor-facing technology platform plans to shake up the financial services industry. They'll be open for business in the middle of the first quarter with a software product that will help advisors offer sophisticated solutions and integrate modular services typically secured through third-party vendors.

Rick enjoyed a successful career at Franklin Templeton; rising through the ranks to CIO before taking on the top job at Robust Wealth. They launched their platform last October right after previewing at the #XYPN16 conference. In addition to making a huge splash, Robust Wealth definitely won the conference swag competition.

Advancements in technological solutions for the financial services industry generally moves at a glacial pace. There is so much room for disruption in this industry. Rick offers a thoughtful take on the state of technology in this industry and what we can expect in the next 18 - 24 months. Robo-advisors, or automated wealth platforms, are here to stay. However, advisors will appreciate the suggestions Rick shares to best incorporate these tools in a way that drives growth. Now is the time to embrace the innovative new products and leverage them to capitalize on real business growth.


Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The opportunities at Robust Wealth that attracted Rick and led him away from an established career at Franklin Templeton.
  • The differences between B2C and advisor-facing software platforms.
  • The features that advisors have access to with the Robust Wealth platform and what sets them apart from the competition.
  • What the technology trends on the horizon are in the financial services industry.
  • A frank discussion on impact of robo-advisors on advisor services, client retention, and client acquisition.
  • Whether the market is shifting to fully embrace socially responsible investing and how technology platforms are enabling this shift.

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