Ep #73: Fiborg and the Future of the Financial Planning Industry - An Interview with Steve Dunlap

November 09, 2016


Steve Dunlap is our guest on the XYPN Radio podcast this week. He is the President and COO of FolioDynamix, a firm that employs technology to help advisors improve their business processes.

This interview is a break from the norm. Instead of learning directly from a firm owner, Steve provides a unique take on the financial planning industry from a business development and software solutions perspective. He's at the forefront of changes in technology and lends his expertise to help explain how those changes will impact the financial planning industry.

Steve arrived in his current position after an interesting path that took off after a chance meeting with a software salesperson. His experience is a perfect example of how remaining open to a variety of opportunities can help your career bloom in ways beyond your wildest dreams.

We discuss the upcoming trends on the horizon. Are advisors in danger of being replaced by "robo advisors?" How will the new changes in the Department of Labor ruling impact advisors? Will fee compression depress the growth in the financial planning industry? In addition, Steve offers an interesting set of predictions. Tune in and let us know if you agree with his take on the future of the industry.



Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How keeping an open mind to opportunities can lead to success in your career.
  • The opportunity for growth that exists for advisory firms.
  • When firms should bring in professional management.
  • A rule of thumb that firms can use to determine when to make professional changes to management.
  • How advisors are keeping client fees in line without succumbing to fee compression.
  • What Fiborg is and how technology will be used to enhance what advisors can deliver.

Featured on the Show:

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