Ep #107: Moving Your Firm Across the Country - The Career of Nannette Kamien

July 05, 2017


We meet so many interesting people and members through XYPN Radio, and today’s guest continues that trend. Nannette Kamien took a long and winding road to becoming an entrepreneur in the world of financial services, but her previous career continues to improve her offering as a financial services professional.

To build a modern practice, she's drawn on her background in information technologyThis technical expertise has allowed her to serve clients and move fast toward establishing her own firm. Nannette built a career and lifestyle that fits her needs and also puts people first by focusing on that service. 

In this interview, we discuss breaking into a new market, executing a career change, and capitalizing on a diverse background and network for success. Nannette also had to move her firm from Chicago to San Diego to accommodate her husband’s career, and she shares what that experience was like. 

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Nannette’s uncommon path from majoring in Spanish, to Information Technology, to running a financial practice.
  • The lifestyle considerations that drove her to entrepreneurship.
  • Nannette’s first steps once she decided to start her own practice.
  • How to gracefully communicate a major move or change to clients.
  • What Nannette has learned about the personal side of financial planning that you don't learn in CFP courses.
  • What demographic she targeted as someone new to financial planning.

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