Announcing Our New Podcast: XYPN Radio

August 23, 2015

XY-Planning-Podcast-finalIt's been a long while in the making, but it's finally here. Team XYPN is very excited to announce that the first episodes of XYPN Radio are now live!

(Even better, we're celebrating by inviting you to a with a private VIP community for financial planners like you, but more on that in a moment.)

What Is XYPN Radio?

XYPN Radio is a podcast dedicated to building a community of fee-only financial planners who are ready to make the dream of serving next-generation clients into a profitable and successful reality. With an honest and forward-thinking perspective, host Alan Moore, various guests, and occasional co-host Michael Kitces deliver insights and knowledge to advisors in the financial planning industry who want to build better businesses that serve Gen X and Gen Y clients.

Through the expertise of leaders in the field and case studies from financial planners like you, you will discover how you can serve your own generation and help them achieve their financial goals starts today.

We start off with a bang during #LaunchWeek, featuring daily episodes for the first week and consistent weekly content after that. Here's just a taste of what you will enjoy on the podcast:

  • Ep #1: The Career of Michael Kitces - How He Became the "King Nerd" of Financial Planning
    Ep #2: An Inside Look Into Carl Richards’ Financial Planning Process
    Ep #3: The Career of Sophia Bera - From Actress to Firm Owner

To celebrate the launch of the show and make this an incredible experience for you, we created a VIP community for the next generation of financial planners. This is a private group in which we can all connect, share experiences, and discover how we can serve our own generation to help them achieve their financial goals.

Sound good? Here's how you can get the most out of the podcast and community:

Subscribe to the Podcast

Step #1: Click here to listen to the first episodes, and if you like the show go ahead and subscribe!


Step #2: Leave us a review in iTunes with your feedback (It's easy, here's a video explaining how)


Step #3: Claim your exclusive VIP access to the community here and begin enjoying the benefits of a community of financial planners with the same passion and focus as you.

Other Ways to Get the XYPN Radio Podcast

  1. Subscribe in iTunes
  2. Subscribe via Stitcher
  3. Grab the RSS feed

Thanks for checking out the new podcast. We can't wait to share some incredible insights with you here over the coming months!

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