Ep #28: BONUS EPISODE - Alan and Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag Style!)

December 28, 2015

XY-Planning-Podcast-finalThis week, Kitces and I return to the podcast to bring you yet another mailbag episode. This time, we answer four of the burning questions we've received from the #XYPNRadio VIP community.

On this episode, we cover your questions about robo-advisors, how to transition from one career to financial planning, and how to best serve your niche community. We end our conversation with how large advisory firms can adopt a monthly retainer model and keep their younger advisors from leaving.

Listen in below!


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What robo-advisors will do to the world of financial planning.
  • How robo-advisors can be used in your firm.
  • The dynamics of changing your career to planning.
  • The advantages that a financial planner that changed careers has.
  • What you can do now to prepare yourself for starting a firm in the next five years.
  • The challenges that larger firms face in adopting a monthly fee.
  • How to become an intrapreneur.

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