Ep #42: Alan & Kitces Unhinged - Mailbag Episode

April 06, 2016


Today, we have another mailbag episode of Alan and Kitces Unhinged for you. Michael Kitces joins us to answer your questions from the XYPN VIP community, email, and social media.

We answer four of your questions (and, of course, go off on a few tangents in between) and provide our thoughts on taking on investment-only clients and how to stay on track with your business when you struggle with ADD/ADHD.

We also have a frank discussion about how to transition from one niche to another and chat about which conferences we recommend most for young planners.

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Listen to the Full Interview:

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The merits of using audio in your business.
  • The pros and cons of taking on investment-only clients.
  • How to grow your business when you have ADD/ADHD.
  • Why you need to find someone to work with that off-sets any issues you may have with focusing.
  • What to consider before you change your niche.

Featured on the Show:

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