Ep #12: BONUS EPISODE - Alan & Kitces Unhinged (Mailbag style!)

September 28, 2015


We're starting something new. this week! This is the first of a new monthly bonus episode series where Michael Kitces and I will answer your questions. Using this like a "mailbag" episode, we'll reach into our emails and pull out questions that we get throughout the month from listeners. We're excited because this gives us both the fun opportunity to speak directly to what you're thinking about, puzzling through, and looking for as you tune in.

Today, we answer four questions from our VIP community, centered mostly around niche marketing and growing your practice. If this is an area of interest for you or if you have questions surrounding these topics, don't miss out on this episode!


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • A realistic look at how to start building your book in your first year.
  • The most cost-effective way to start getting clients.
  • Michael’s ridiculously easy advice to get new clients.
  • Why it's okay to aim for one new client a month.
  • Why I don’t like cultivating peer referral sources.
  • The question that made Michael wince.
  • How to drive prospects to your firm.
  • The #1 trigger to bail on your niche.
  • How Michael and I actually met.

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