Ep #94: Career changing from teacher to financial advisor - The career of Ryan Frailich

April 05, 2017


Usually when we talk to new advisors on the show, they're a couple of years into the process and have figured out the pacing of their practice. But today's guest, Ryan Frailich, is still right at the beginning of establishing his own firm, and has generously agreed to share the ups and downs of his daily experience.

Ryan joined Teach for America when he left college and later helped open a new school in Brooklyn. He moved down south to New Orleans in a transitional period of life, and started working with financial planning rockstar Jude Boudreau. Ryan found that financial planning was the right career choice for him, and launched his own firm in January.

Ryan talks about why he decided to get into financial planning, why he started his business while still completing CFP training, and how the launch of Deliberate Finances has been so far. He perfectly articulates the impostor syndrome feeling that many of us deal with, and shares his struggles with finding a balance between crafting a niche and getting his business of the ground.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Ryan got into teaching and what (or who) made him want to become a financial planner.
  • Why Ryan decided to start his own firm while finishing up his CFP, and the wide gaps he sees between theoretical and practical advising.
  • How he manages his impostor syndrome in part by highlighting his soft skills of communication and building relationships.
  • What launching Deliberate Finances has been like, from the high highs to the low lows.
  • Ryan's challenge turning teachers into a niche that yields steady clients, and how he's working around that.
  • How Ryan is leveraging press to build credibility as an advisor for mission-driven professionals.

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