Ep #196: From Olympic Athlete to Financial Planner - The Career of Lauryn Williams

March 20, 2019

Ep 196 - Lauryn Williams

My guest today is XYPN member Lauryn Williams, founder of Worth Winning and the only American to have medaled in both the summer and winter Olympics. She joins the show to share her experience starting a financial planning firm as her athletic career came to a close and the major challenges she faced along the way.

Listen in to hear Lauryn open up about what it was like transitioning into the financial planning industry, as well as what made her want to join the field in the first place. You'll learn why she decided to start her own advisory business after working at a couple of other firms, how she's targeting three different niches, and how she has managed to keep going after plenty of setbacks along her road to success.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Lauryn’s amazing journey from being a college athlete to medaling in the Olympics.
  • How she got into financial planning.
  • Her struggles with trying to find the right advisor.
  • What it was like transitioning from being an athlete to joining the workforce.
  • How her grit and perseverance landed her a job in the industry.
  • The common trait among successful people.
  • What made Lauryn decide to start her own firm.
  • Her experience in her first year of running the business.
  • How she overcame imposter syndrome.
  • The three niches she serves.
  • Her big upcoming projects.
  • Advice she would give her younger self.

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