Ep #10: The Career of Mary Beth Storjohann - From Receptionist to Businesses Owner at 29 Years-Old

September 16, 2015


Today’s guest is at the top of the short list of people we knew we had to talk to when starting #XYPNRadio. Mary Beth Storjohann is the founder of Workable Wealth, a financial planning firm based out of San Diego, CA -- and she's a total rock star.

On this episode, we go through her incredible journey that took her from a receptionist in a financial planning firm in college to founding her firm before she turned 30.

Many financial planners would have quit their jobs or burned bridges with their old organization to found their own firm. Mary Beth, on the other hand, is an inspiration to many young financial planners everywhere in her journey to complete entrepreneurship. She continued to work at her old firm for over six months while she launched her own business.

If you're thinking about starting your own firm, you need to listen in to how Mary Beth made it all happen -- including adhering to the compliance related to that decision. She also pulls back the curtain on her clients and revenue, as well as a detailed look at where some of her clients came from.

She has an incredible story of perseverance and making it happen for her business and dreams. Click "play" below to check it out!


 Listen to the Full Interview:


What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Mary Beth’s college job changed her entire career path.
  • How she turned her money anxiety into a career.
  • Why she ultimately left the firms she worked at.
  • Why you cannot be afraid to look out for yourself and ask for a raise.
  • The benefits of working for a small firm.
  • Why you should never burn bridges.
  • Mary Beth’s plan for the future.

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