Ep #120 - Career Changing From Tax Attorney to Financial Planner With a Focused Niche of Serving LGBTQ Couple Clients - The Career of Brian Thompson

October 04, 2017


Brian Thompson, founder of Brian Thompson Financial, is committed to helping the LGBTQ community with their financial planning. He started out as a tax attorney but his interest in personal finance grew after he watched his mom get sold inappropriate annuities and saw more opportunity to help people in this area. He sat in the CFP exam and opened his own RIA in February 2016 though he didn’t launch until August 2016.

In this episode, Brian shares some of the challenges in growing a business in the first year and how servicing a niche audience has helped grow his firm. Currently, he has 13 retainer clients, charges $1500.00 upfront, and around $300.00 monthly. He uses a net worth-based income calculation. Brian also speaks about using content marketing to help grow your business – his amazing writing skills has produced a lot of content geared towards his market.

 You’ll learn what some of the biggest challenges are as a beginner in financial planning (e.g. what the CFP doesn’t teach you), how you can differentiate yourself in the industry, and how to leverage content in your business.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why it took so long for Brian to launch his business and the challenges he faced in the first year.
  • How Brian learned to help his clients with the emotional side of financial planning.
  • Where and how he acquired his clients.
  • What Brian found to be similar and different between the legal and financial planning industry.
  • How financial planning has gotten both simpler and more complicated for the LGBTQ community.
  • What types of content he writes and how he’s leveraging it to build business.
  • Why Brian decided to work with a business coach.
  • Why he wants to help other advisors with LGBTQ financial planning issues.

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