Ep #62: Surviving the Storm on the Path to Success - The Career of Andrew McFadden

August 24, 2016

XY-Planning-Podcast-finalAndrew McFadden took a traditional route to a career in financial planning. He earned a degree in business and went on to get his MBA. He also worked as a stock analyst and interned at an RIA.

Andrew is responsible for having his previous employer ranked at the number 10 spot on a list of best wealth management firms. His resume is golden, but that wasn't enough.

Andrew thrives on challenging himself. He left a full-time position to begin his own RIA without a book of clients or a clear plan on how to attract new ones. After reading an inspiring article, Andrew took his experience and vision for offering clients a unique brand of service and started Panoramic Financial Advice in Fresno, CA.

Today, he enjoys success with his firm. He serves as strong niche market and is the go-to expert in Fresno. But his path to success didn't come without both personal and health challenges. In this episode of the podcast, Andrew opens up about his very private struggles in the business and his marriage and how he worked to overcome them.

The path to success requires entrepreneurs to weather many storms, and Andrew's story and his advice for other financial professionals considering launching their own RIAs makes for a must-listen-to podcast. He dives into the realities -- both good and bad -- about self-employment and owning your own business.

In addition, you'll learn how Andrew pushed passed the reluctance to narrowly define a target audience and how that's generated opportunities that he would have otherwise missed.

Tune in below!

Surviving the Storm on the Way to Success- The Career of Andrew McFadden

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The value of pursuing an MBA while on a financial planning career path.
  • The service role he proposed, which served as his foot-in-the-door to the largest RIA in Fresno during a challenging period of looking for work.
  • How he determined whether he should stay with his current firm vs venture out on his own.
  • What his 8-month transition to self-employment looked like.
  • The personal and health challenges he faced upon starting his new firm and the steps he took to overcome them.
  • Digital marketing strategies Andrew used to build a steady flow of clients.

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