Ep #1: The Career of Michael Kitces - How He Became the "King Nerd" of Financial Planning

August 24, 2015

Welcome to the inaugural episode of #XYPNRadio, the podcast dedicated to building a community of fee-only financial planners who are ready to make the dream of serving next-generation clients into a profitable and successful reality. We’re really excited to publish the show live for all of the listeners out there! Without further ado, here’s the first episode…

Your host, Alan Moore, interviews a brilliant educator to many financial advisors and XYPN’s very own co-founder and occasional podcast co-host, Michael Kitces. If you've been around financial planning for a while, you’ve heard of Michael and have probably heard him speak at a conference near you. And today, you’re going to get an awesome introduction to him and hear his story (which very few people have actually heard).

This interview is a great opportunity to get an inside look into what it took for Michael to become the “King Nerd” of financial planning. He drops a ton of value in this episode including an awesome story of how he tried to get a job as an associate advisor and asked for a $25k-a-year salary only to be told “no.”

Don’t miss Michael’s explanation of the importance and the value of every step of the process and how failure can be redefined as success.



Listen to the Full Interview:



What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Michael’s college path to “career mode.”
  • The story of how he landed his first job in financial services field.
  • How he got turned down for a $25k-a-year financial planning job.
  • The lessons he learned from his first few jobs as a life insurance agent.
  • Why he decided to take a 15% pay cut at a new firm.
  • How he began doing speaking engagements and became a paid speaker.
  • His transition from working full time at Pinnacle to where he is today.
  • How Michael was able to build his largely successful brand.
  • Michael’s advice for new financial planners.
  • Tips for setting yourself up for making big, career-related transitions.

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