Ep #7: The Career of Jake Kuebler - How He Bought a Fee-Only Firm at 25 Years Old

August 28, 2015


Today's interview is one that we've been looking forward to ever since we first starting planning this show. Jake Kuebler is our guest today, and he has an awesome story that not many people have heard.

Jake is the president and managing partner of Bluestem Financial Advisors, LLC. His story embodies one that many of us have always aspired to be a part of.

Many financial planners have felt that they have been sold a bill of goods on a firm that never actually materializes. Jake, along with his business partner Karen, show us exactly how acquiring a firm should be done. He has bought 50% of a fee-only financial planning firm at the age of 25, and will be the full owner by the time he hits 30.

If your goal is to buy a firm, then this episode is full of information that will guide you through the process, including how you should evaluate a firm and draw-up a buyout agreement.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Jake decided to become a financial advisor.
  • How Jake met his business partner.
  • How taking an internship became the best opportunity Jake ever had.
  • Why you need to be talking to college students.
  • How Jake became a managing partner within six years.
  • How Jake and Karen created their succession plan.
  • Why Jake stopped taking new clients for a few months.
  • Jake’s vision for the future of his firm.
  • Why Jake has a financial advisor.

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