The Career of Will Kaplan

March 02, 2016


This week on #XYPNRadio, we're chatting with Will Kaplan. Will is the founder of Halcyon Financial Planning, based out of Oregon. He started out focusing on psychology in school, but found his way into financial planning through a series of job changes.

Along the way, Will witnessed a practice go through a failed partnership before ultimately creating his path to owning his own financial planning firm.

This episode is full of insight into a situation that many of planners face: before building his successful firm, Will was part of a firm whose partnership fell apart. He shares his unique, first-hand perspective on how a failed partnership can happen.

He also goes into why he started Halcyon Financial Planning and shares his ideas on how to buy a firm from an older planner who is getting ready to retire.

Tune into this episode and get all the details on Will's career path and the advice he has for his peers!


Listen to the Full Interview:


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Will became a financial planner.
  • Will’s journey to firm ownership.
  • What happens when a firm partnership falls apart.
  • What to do when things go wrong in a partnership.
  • Why you need to pay closer attention to your non-compete agreements before you sign on with a firm.
  • The risk involved when you leave a firm.
  • How to smoothly transition clients when you buy a firm.

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