Ep #185: From Serving in the Marines to Building a Hyper Growth Financial Planning Firm - The Career of Steven Fox

January 02, 2019

Ep 185 - Steven Fox

Making the shift from serving in the Marines to navigating the financial services world is not the easiest transition, but Steven Fox managed it and ended up owning his own successful firm. In this episode, he shares how he initially learned about the financial planning field and decided it was what he really wanted to do, as well as the steps he took to build his career.

You’ll get some great insight on gaining and on-boarding clients as Steven explains how his processes attract the right people and make things run more efficiently. He also talks about his vision for the future growth of the firm, how he plans to continue learning and growing, his involvement in Financial Independence Training for military members, and how you can get involved in this non-profit, as well.

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • A snapshot of Steven’s business and who he serves.
  • How he found out about financial planning and decided to go that direction.
  • What he gained from joining a student association.
  • How he navigated launching his own firm, taking the CFP, and having a baby right out of college.
  • How the first 6 months of business went for him and his family.
  • The details of each step of his sales process.
  • Where most of his clients come from.
  • How he on-boards all of his new clients efficiently.
  • His plans for growing his firm in the future.
  • His work with the non-profit Financial Independence Training and how you can get involved.

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