Ep #188: Evolving the Vision for Your Firm From Solo to Growth – The Career of Jeremy Walter

January 23, 2019

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Jeremy Walter had a unique experience breaking into the financial advising world. In this episode, he shares his uncommon career path, including his transition from working at a firm he enjoyed to starting his own firm—and how he cordially navigated the change with his boss. He also gives some great insight into how to grow steadily from the start and the importance of adjusting your vision along the way.

Listen in to hear how Jeremy gained 70 clients within the first 2 years of launching his firm, as well as his advice on how to gain clients through pitching skills, special programs, and other marketing techniques. He breaks down how to market yourself and find the right clients for your preferred niche, what can make it challenging to work with entrepreneurs, and how to evolve the vision you set for your firm so you don't hold yourself back from success.

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Jeremy’s practice from launch to now.
  • Three main things this industry comes down to – according to his dad.
  • How he broke into the financial planning world.
  • The unique difficulties that come with leaving a firm you enjoy working for.
  • How Jeremy decided to start his own firm and the ‘motivating’ reaction he got.
  • The timeline of his transition and launch.
  • Where he found limitations and success along the way.
  • The specific challenges involved in working with entrepreneurs.
  • Jeremy's experience with Dave Ramsey’s Smartvestor program.
  • What Kingdom Advisors is and how it helps his business.
  • Why faith is an important aspect to managing your finances wisely.
  • His process for onboarding customers and shaping their goals and plan.
  • Why he decided to adjust his vision for the firm and not cap his client intake.
  • His vision moving forward with the firm.

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