Ep #160: Getting Through The “What Did I Do” Phase of Entrepreneurship - A One Year Check-In with Ryan Frailich

July 11, 2018

Ep #160_ Ryan FrailichMany listeners have requested that we bring back some of our previous podcast guests to see where their businesses are one year later. Today we get the chance to catch up with Ryan Frailich who has now been in business for about 18 months. He opens up about the changes, challenges and successes that he and his business have gone through since we last had the chance to chat.

Ryan emphasizes the importance of knowing your goals, and not being afraid to have a different goals than others on the same career track. He also shares the issues he faces with his niche market and how he is handles those while still serving people in the best way. Ryan also talks pricing, fees, income, and how he got a feature article in the New York Times.


Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The update on how Ryan’s business has been since we last talked.
  • Tracking data that will help you track progress correctly and effectively.
  • The importance of getting perspective from other people and tracking wins.
  • Why he decided to expand his niche market.
  • The issues that come hand-in-hand with working with teachers.
  • Why he chooses to still serve clients outside of his niche.
  • How he sets his pricing and fees to be able to help different ranges of income.
  • How he got a NYT feature article and how it has affected his business
  • How much money he’s made over 18 months of business and his vision for the coming years of business.
  • How your goals effect your business decisions.

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