Ep #161: Launching a Business with a Wife That Was 36 Weeks Pregnant - The Career of Brad Sherman

July 18, 2018

Ep #161_ Brad ShermanBrad Sherman is the founder of Sherman Wealth Management, an independent fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm with $38 million in AUM. While Brad started his career on the mortgage side of the business and went through several job changes, he slowly made his way over to financial planning and ultimately made the decision to launch his own practice—while his wife was 36 weeks pregnant.

In this episode, Brad shares how he built up his firm with a young baby at home, as well as what made him decide to break away from his broker-dealer and form his own RIA. Listen in to hear what he did to grow his client base as a new business owner, what he’s learned over the last five years of running his own firm, and what he envisions for the future.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What got Brad interested in financial planning.
  • Why he initially signed up with a broker-dealer.
  • What made him want to leave the broker-dealer world.
  • How he learned about financial planning without getting his CFP.
  • What led Brad to ultimately launching his own firm.
  • Why he decided to launch his firm while his wife was 36 weeks pregnant.
  • How Brad built Sherman Wealth Management.
  • His firm's fee structure and service model.
  • Where he found success in finding clients as a new business owner.
  • What Brad’s “why” is and how it affects the work he does.
  • His big priorities for the future.
  • The powerful gesture that can really impact clients' experience.
  • Brad's advice for listeners.

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