Ep #112: Using Project Based Planning to Build Your Firm - The Career of Cristina Guglielmetti

August 09, 2017


We often talk about the utility of the retainer model here at XYPN. One of our earliest members, Cristina Guglielmetti, is cleverly combining retainer clients with a lot of project work to craft an uber-flexible schedule that you'll find interesting.

After getting her MBA and working in investment management, Cristina wanted to jump into the financial planning side of the business. Within a few years, she'd opened her own business, closed up shop and landed a great planning gig with a boutique firm, and re-opened her own independent firm.

Cristina shares how she's created a business and schedule that work for her life as she raises a son and invests in a local bar with her husband and a group of friends from her MBA days. While she only has about ten retainer clients, she leverages interesting and productive project work to create the practice she wants.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Cristina opened her own firm way back in 2007, and why she doesn't think she was ready.
  • How she decided to shut up shop and work with a boutique planning firm that gave her the flexibility to raise her son.
  • Why Cristina elects to meet with her clients at their homes or at coffee shops rather than in an office.
  • How she manages her ten ongoing client relationships and the consistent project work she takes on.
  • How Cristina prices her retainer versus project work and how often one-time clients come back for more service.
  • The expenses and revenue she's maintained in her first three years running Future Perfect Planning.
  • What Cristina's other project - investing in a local wine bar with her husband and a group of friends - has taught her about working with clients and running a business.

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