Ep #105: The Importance of Self Care for Surviving Entrepreneurship - The Career of Meg Bartelt

June 21, 2017

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Oftentimes we're so excited about financial planning around here that we can gloss over some of the tougher, less glamorous aspects of running your own business. Today's guest, XYPN member Meg Bartelt, started her own RIA in May 2016 and is here to share her experience. 

After a 12-year career in tech herself, Meg decided to get a Masters in financial planning and switch careers entirely. Meg talks about why she felt women in tech was the niche where she could have the most impact, and how she's found clients.

Meg also shares candidly about the obstacles she confronted in her first year of business. The unique challenges of having an entirely virtual firm, learning to practice self care, and hiring a business coach are just a few of the topics Meg generously covers in this interview!

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Meg decided to leave her 12-year career in the tech industry to become a financial planner. 
  • How she got a sense of the industry by conducting "information interviews" with a wide variety of financial planners.
  • What Meg learned from the first RIA she worked at about succession, having an asset story, and the type of clients she wants to serve.
  • Why she started her own firm despite not being a particularly entrepreneurial person.
  • The lessons Meg learned about self care when her firm was struggling in its first year, and how she takes care of herself now on a daily basis.
  • How she found and hired a business coach that helped her take the next step in her firm, to the point where she's now got a waitlist of clients.

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