Ep #45: Brunching the Way to Success - The Career of Pam Capalad

April 27, 2016



Pam Capalad is the founder of Brunch and Budget, a unique financial planning firm that provides a wholly individual experience to clients. And she joins us today on XYPN Radio to share the details on her career path, what brought her to financial planning, and why brunch is such a big part of her practice.

I met Pam for the first time last year at XYPN15 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and had the pleasure of being a guest on her own podcast that she hosts with her husband. It was a ton of fun to see Pam put a completely new and extremely accessible approach on financial planning and personal finance.

Pam started her fee-only firm as a way to help her friends who kept asking her questions about personal finance. Ultimately, her “let’s talk about it at brunch” approach to financial planning became her business and signature brand.

The relationships she maintains all start by discussing budgets and other financial matters over brunch -- though Pam says these meetings are neither about the food nor the numbers. With her work, it's all about creating a space for real, authentic conversations where people can feel comfortable dealing with personal finance.

If you're new to the industry or considering financial planning (to make it official, since your friends all come to your for financial advice already!) and want to take a non-traditional, completely unique path to success, Pam's career story and experience will leave you inspired. And if you're an established pro, Pam's perspective can help you see your own business in a whole new, fun, and creative light.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How a summer camp job changed Pam’s life.
  • What Pam learned from working in wealth management.
  • Why Pam decided to leave her job and work Brunch & Budget full time.
  • The change that Pam made that drastically reduced her no-show rate.
  • How Pam used Yelp to bring in more clients.

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