Ep #98: The Value of Business Coaching for Advisors - An Interview with Arlene Moss

May 03, 2017


Today we're excited to host one of our very own XYPN team members, our fabulous launch coach Arlene Moss! Arlene joins us today to talk about her background, how she got into financial coaching, and the common struggles she helps financial advisors overcome. 

Arlene re-entered the workforce after raising children, and became a coach for the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners. After realizing there were some shortcomings to the one-off coaching model, she decided to go it alone and begin her own coaching business.  

In this episode, Arlene and I talk about how coaching can take your advisory to the next level. Arlene shares her highly personalized style of coaching and how she found her own business coach. We also talk about why planning one, five, and ten years out is essential to designing the life and business that you want. 


Listen to the Full Interview:


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Arlene re-entered the workforce after being absent for some time.
  • The importance of having metrics to track things like closing rate.
  • Why it's essential to plan ahead in order to create a practice that will support your chosen lifestyle.
  • Why everyone should get a coach early on in the launch process.
  • The key differences between mentors and coaches, and how often you should interact with each.
  • How Arlene found and evaluated her own coaches..
  • Why you want a coach that specializes in your space within the industry. 

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