Ep #97: Surviving the First Year to Thriving in the Second Year - An Interview with Dan Andrews

April 26, 2017

#XYPNRadio Feature Image Episode 97 - Dan Andrews 

This week's guest is only about a year into his financial planning business, but he's already learned some crucial lessons about operational challenges and entrepreneurial persistence. When Dan Andrews reached out to pitch himself to be on the show, we knew you all would love his story as much as we did. 

Just a few years ago, Dan was working as an investment manager for a broker dealer and running a side blog about personal and professional development. After attending the 2015 FPA Conference in Boston, Dan realized that there was a path in the financial services industry that was more aligned with his interests, expertise and values.

In this interview, Dan and I talk about his journey to becoming an independent financial planner at his firm Well Rounded Success. He shares his experience as an investment manager and the blog that helped him realize being a financial planner was the right move for him. Dan also opens up about his very intentional practice of self-reflection, and how you can integrate it into your work, too. 


Listen to the Full Interview:


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Dan went from wanting to work for Disney to investment manager for a broker dealer. 
  • Dan's advice for people looking to get into an part of the financial services industry. 
  • The quarter-life crisis that led to the start of his blog and ultimately the start of a new business. 
  • How Dan built a grassroots, authentic audience around his personal and professional development blog. 
  • Dan's challenge to me (and all of you!) to practice gratitude as we encounter success and overcome challenges.
  • The relationship between Dan's dedication to self-reflection and growth and his financial planning process.   

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