Ep #43: Data Security in Financial Planning with Blane Warrene

April 13, 2016


As we continue to use technology to run better RIAs, the issue of data security in financial planning becomes more and more pressing to understand. Today, we're getting answers and information on security, archiving, encryption, and more.

Our guest is Blane Warrene, COO of Mobile Guard and co-founder of Arkovi Social, both companies that provide archiving solutions. Blane has spent the majority of his career in financial technology and is the leading expert on data security in financial planning.

Today, Blane and I start our discussion on what data should be archived and the solutions available to financial advisors to help with this process. We then move on to how to manage data back-ups (and the back-ups of the back-ups!) to ensure your data is always protected. We also talk about how to encrypt your data and information access points (like cell phones, laptops, and desktops).

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, but on every topic we cover, Blane has actionable advice that can be easily adopted by any advisor looking to keep their information -- and the information of their clients -- safe and secure.


Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What level of encryption you need in your business.
  • Blane’s journey into archive solutions.
  • Why Blane transitioned to startup creator.
  • The three core layers of good business practices.
  • What level of archiving is necessary for a financial planner.
  • Which archiving solution is best for you.
  • Why a cloud solution is one you should consider.
  • How to use two-factor authentication.

Featured on the Show:

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