Ep #227: From Marketing Expert to Financial Advisor for Hispanic Clients - The Career of Miguel Gomez

October 30, 2019

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Today XYPN member Miguel Gomez joins the show to share how his marketing career turned into a financial planning career. Originally from Mexico, Miguel came to the United States to work for a firm as a marketing expert before moving to a different firm and ultimately transitioning into working as a financial advisor. He now works as lead advisor for his firm, and he gives us a glimpse into how he made the switch in his career, as well why he has no plans to start a firm of his own.

Listen in to hear Miguel discuss his career evolution and how he has focused in on his niche of first-generation, Spanish-speaking clients. You'll learn how he navigates regulations as he works with clients in another language, why he started a podcast, and his future goals for his business.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Miguel's practice and where he is currently.
  • How he transitioned from marketing to financial planning.
  • Why he chose his specific niche.
  • The issues that come with working in another language and regulation.
  • How Miguel uses his marketing skills to build his business.
  • What it took to build the confidence to say no to people who aren’t a good fit for his firm.
  • How his podcast has affected his goals for the business.
  • How he is building a monthly subscription model.
  • Why he doesn’t plan to start his own firm.

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