Ep #148: Serving Clients in Creative Professions – The Careers of Philip Olson & Julia Lorenz-Olson

April 18, 2018
XYPN Radio Episode #148
Julia Lorenz-Olson and Philip Olson join us on the show to share some nuggets of wisdom about their unique careers and the unexpected benefits that come with having a creative background. They discuss how they got started, what they considered and how they settled on the business model they’re currently using. Philip and Julia lay out the difficulties involved in their careers and how they overcame obstacles along their path to success.

From the point of ‘sink or swim’ to the point of success, the pair share how their theatre backgrounds have helped them greatly with their finance careers. Julia and Philip discuss how lean living and realistic expectations got them through tight times, and explore the importance of taking on the right help to keep business running smoothly. Listen in to hear all about how this duo made the not-so-common transition from theatre to financial services. 

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How the two made their way from a theatre career track to financial planning.
  • The details on who they serve and why they offer certain services.
  • Why they focus more on planning clients rather than investment clients.
  • Why they don’t really focus on long term clients.
  • How they grew so fast and manage the amount of plans on their plate.
  • The issues and successes that came along with hiring and bringing on help.
  • What it’s like being expecting parents and colleagues.
  • How they began working with PBS and how that has affected their business.
  • How couples’ therapy and business coaching has been a big part of their success personally and professionally.

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