Ep #209: Finding Success after Being Fired as a Partner - The Career of Mark Wilson

June 19, 2019

Ep 209 - Mark Wilson

After working for his previous firm for 19 years and then being unexpectedly fired, Mark Wilson was forced to reset his life. Now the owner and only employee of MILE Wealth Management, Mark joins the show today to discuss what pushed him to start his own firm and how he is focusing on the successes ahead. 

In this episode, Mark opens up about his struggles with his previous firm, as well as how he ultimately managed to become a partner. Listen in to learn the importance of focusing on the bigger prize and not just your next paycheck. If you are thinking about starting your own firm or making a career change, this is the episode for you.  

Listen to the Full Interview:


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Mark’s career.
  • How he decided to switch from running a software firm to getting into financial advising.
  • How he managed to become a partner of his previous firm.  
  • The importance of focusing on the bigger picture.
  • Mark’s fee structure.
  • Why he sets up accountability check-ins and what they entail.
  • What his hopes are for MILE Wealth Management in the future.

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