Ep #206: Running a Hyper Growth Firm with Your Spouse - The Career of Michelle Smalenberger

May 29, 2019

Ep 206 - Michelle Smalenberger

Michelle Smalenberger has over 12 years of experience working at a nationally-recognized firm and has been mentioned in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Financial Advisor IQ. Today she joins the show to discuss the benefits of owning a business with your spouse and how she and her husband manage the relationship stress that comes along with that.

Listen in to hear why the couple decided to leave their previous firm and start their own business, as well as how they have grown their firm to the large size that it is today. You'll discover Michelle’s biggest failure and what she learned from it, how she makes her firm so easy to find online, and more. 

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Michelle's career.
  • Why she and her husband decided to leave their previous firm to build their own.
  • How the couple use mind mapping in their business.
  • How Michelle makes her firm easy to find online.
  • The importance of getting your name out there when growing your business.
  • What it’s like working with your spouse.
  • How to combat the stress that can come with working with your spouse.
  • Advice Michelle would go back and give her younger self.

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