Ep #172: How Two Full-Time Firefighters are Running a Successful Financial Planning Firm - The Careers of Leo Nunez & James Estep

October 03, 2018

EP 172 Leo Nunez_James EstepMany people start a business as a side-hustle with the goal to take that full-time, but Leo Nunez and James Estep of Everest Financial Advisors have two full-time jobs. In this episode, you’ll learn how two firefighters fell into finance and decided to follow their passion for helping firefighters manage money while sticking with their original careers. They have some great insights into managing two careers, letting passion lead the way, and ensuring work/life balance.

James and Leo discuss the various difficulties they have faced while building their firm and learning financial planning from scratch. They also talk about the importance of their target market and how they faced issues like pricing and busy schedules. James and Leo have an incredible passion for what they do and it is inspiring and exciting to see how they are tailoring their business and vision for the future.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Leo and James went from firefighters to financial planners for firefighters.
  • Common themes and needs they realized in the firefighting world.
  • What initially got them interested in finance and being part of the firefighters trust.
  • How they handle operational and schedule management decisions while having full time jobs and families.
  • How they structure their partnership and figure out scheduling their shifts.
  • How they manage client relationships.
  • Why they decided to keep both of their careers and how they see this working in the future.
  • How they employ help and delegate tasks.
  • Their struggle with pricing and the solutions they came up with.
  • Effective marketing techniques most people wouldn’t think of.
  • The next steps for their business and what the future vision looks like.

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