Ep #173: Full-Time Police Officer Running His Own RIA - The Career of Mike Bronson

October 10, 2018

EP 173 Mike BronsonBalancing two careers, Police sergeant Mike Bronson brings us some serious motivation and inspiration with his whirlwind life and career. He has some great insight and advice to share on time management, niche marketing, resilience and much more. Mike talks in depth about where he found his passion for finance and noticed an important need for financial help in the field he is so passionate about.

We discuss why crossfit is so important to him, his career and how he keeps up with his health while balancing family and jobs. He talks a lot about his niche and how important it is that he’s inside and understand a lot of the details his clients need to know. Mike talks about how he stays focused and also shares how he works closely with his wife as a team to keep work and life balanced and on-track.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How he initially found his interest in finance.
  • The importance of passion behind the job.
  • The gaping need for financial services within law enforcement careers.
  • Why he got discouraged and depressed early on in his career and why he stuck with it.
  • Where he is in his path towards the CFP.
  • Why he thinks his niche is so important.
  • How he manages his time properly to make two full time jobs plus family work out.
  • How communication and strategy works between him and his wife.
  • Comparing crossfit to finances.
  • How he markets toward a lower income group.
  • Comparing his hourly vs. prescription models.
  • The intricacies and special situation he deals with.
  • Why he continues to do both jobs and what his vision is for the future.

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