Ep #150: Launching a Firm with a Spouse Not On Board – The Career of Raquel Hinman

May 02, 2018
Ep #150: Launching a Firm with a Spouse Not On Board
Most people know there are risks and sacrifices involved with entrepreneurship. Raquel Hinman shares her journey through different finance jobs, detailing how she ended up starting her own successful business and how she dealt with the downside of business ownership. She gets real with us and talks about what went wrong, what went right and how she would or wouldn’t have done things differently along the way.

Raquel’s perspective on financial planning brings a fresh perspective on diversification and serving clients in a way that is useful and truly makes sense. She lays out all the numbers from what her firm is bringing in and the pricing structures that she presents to her clients. She also talks about her market and who she prefers to work with and shares her vision for the future of the business.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Raquel’s background in finance and why she bounced around for a while before settling in.
  • Why she gravitated towards financial planning.
  • Her opinion on diversification of funds and why it’s so important.
  • How philosophical differences were what drove her to start her own firm.
  • The adjustments and issues that came with starting her firm and how that gave her insight into how to deal with clients.
  • How differences in spending and interests as well as issues related to the firm tested her marriage.
  • Her less traditional not-so-niche market that she works with.

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