Ep #177: Running Two Successful Businesses As Siblings - The Careers of Danna Jacobs and Rob Colon

November 07, 2018

EP 177 Dana Jacobs Rob Colon

Danna Jacobs and Rob Colon are an impressive brother and sister duo that went from launching a firm in 2013 with just one client—who happened to be their grandfather—to running not just one, but two successful businesses. The founders of Legacy Care Wealth and Inspired Vision Accounting, Danna and Rob have figured out how to balance their particular strengths and weaknesses to form a strong partnership.

In this episode, they share how their brother/sister dynamic works for their business, as well as how they divide up responsibilities between Danna’s role as the integrator and Rob’s role as the big-thinking visionary. Listen in to hear what they did to grow their businesses to where they are today, the technology tools they use to help manage their assets and to-do lists, and advice they’d give themselves if they could go back and do it all over again.

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What led Danna and Rob down this career path.
  • An overview of their businesses as they exist today.
  • Their service model and fee structure.
  • How Danna and Rob balance their strengths and weakness to create a strong and successful partnership.
  • Technology tools they use.
  • How they manage having assets on three different platforms.
  • Their initial process for delivering a financial plan to clients.
  • How often they meet with clients.
  • Where their clients come from.
  • What percentage of their clients leverage both their wealth management services and tax services.
  • What the ADPA designation means.
  • Why financial planning is more complex for couples who live together but are not married.
  • Danna and Rob's revenue and expense numbers over the years.
  • Their goals for the future of both businesses.
  • Advice they’d go back and give their younger selves.

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