Ep #156: Bringing on a Partner to Accelerate Growth - The Careers of Jirayr Kembikian & Ryan Cole

June 13, 2018

Ep #156_ Jirayr Kembikian & Ryan Cole

There’s no right way to structure a partnership and this can make things confusing when building a business relationship between partners. Jirayr Kembikian and Ryan Cole have successfully navigated a 50/50 partnership and they’re here to share how they did it. This episode will be all about how they are building their growing business and how they use their different skills to benefit each other.

We dig deep into the nitty gritty details with Jirayr and Ryan. From how they gained many clients through digital marketing and Yelp reviews to why they decided on their target audience. Regarding their partnership, we discuss how they split revenue, clients and duties and they hare why they rebranded the firm and how they are constantly working on improving together and making things run more smoothly.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Ryan and Jirayr left the broker dealer.
  • How Ryan found success early on using online methods.
  • Why Jirayr and Ryan decided to go 50/50 on the firm and how that worked.
  • How they work together and used their different skills to help each other.
  • How they split revenue, clients and duties.
  • Why and how they rebranded the firm.
  • Why they targeted technology professionals.
  • How working from a WeWork location has worked for them.
  • Why it’s so important to keep working on the business (not just IN it).

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