Ep #223: Going All-In on a Niche and Ramping Growth - The Career of Adam Cmejla

October 02, 2019

XYPNRadio Episode 223

From broker-dealer to independent broker-dealer to building his own independent RIA, Adam Cmejla had quite the journey towards creating a business and lifestyle that fit his needs and the needs of his family. He joins the show today to discuss how he achieved such an impressive rate of growth for his firm and how finding a niche helped along the way.

Listen in as Adam shares insight on super-specific niche focuses, as well as how he dealt with clients who were no longer part of his niche and the various adjustments he had to make as a result. You'll learn what he did to re-invent his practice, what made him decide to narrow down his focus, and the different ways he strives to show immense value to clients.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What steered Adam into financial services.
  • His transition into owning his own practice.
  • How he recently reinvented his practice.
  • Why he decided to narrow his niche to optometrists.
  • How he dealt with clients outside of his newly narrowed niche.
  • How he handled the fast-paced growth.
  • The unique and high value services he provides to his clients.

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